Scratch Coding + Scratch-Link WiInterface Game Controller

4. Scratch Projects (Examples & Tutorials)

4.3. Pong Game (Beginner)(Core & Extension)

Animation Example & Tutorial  : Pong Game (Beginner)

Level: Beginner (Core & Extension)

Task Sheet: Word or PDF

Robotics Hardware required: None

Prerequisite:  Pong Starter Game tutorial by the Scratch Team which is in Scratch2 offline Editor/ Tips /Step-by-step/ Create a Pong Game

 Learnt the basics of Scratchconsidered Scratch Classroom Tips and Project Rating and Sequencing

Core Tasks: Starting with the Pong Starter Scratch Code (from Scratch Team) add the following features:

  1. Change the Ball Sprite Costume
  2. Change the Paddle Sprite
  3. Change the backdrop
  4. Control the paddle movement with the keyboard arrow keys
  5. Adjust the difficulty appropriately with the speed of the ball and responsiveness of the paddle
  6. Provide an algorithm of your code action and control logic either flow chart or english list
  7. Comment your code with brief explanations of the logic or actions of blocks but do not repeat the block words
  8. Test and evaluate your final code- state how well it meets the core task?  How would you improve it?
  9. Put all of the above in your scratch code or as directed by your teacher
  10. Save all your work with your name and task, i.e. "Johnny_B_Pong.sb2"

Extension Tasks:

  1. Apply appropriate duration sounds to sprite interaction- i.e. ball hitting paddle and ball getting out.
  2. Change sprite costume with sprite interactions
  3. Create multiple balls
  4. Create two paddles and control one with the mouse and one with the keyboard
  5. Update your algorithm, code and comments appropriately

Resources, Exemplars & Video Tutorials:

1. Online (MIT Server) Examplars: 

2. Scratch Offline Editor Examplars: (i.e. run on your PC not via internet)

3. Video Tutorials for this task: