Scratch Coding + Scratch-Link WiInterface Game Controller

4. Scratch Projects (Examples & Tutorials)

4.1. Animation- Project Intro (Beginner)(Core & Extension)

Animation- Generic Project Intro

Level: Beginner (Core & Extension)

Task Sheet: Word or PDF

Robotics Hardware required: None

Prerequisite:  Learnt the basics of Scratch, considered Scratch Classroom Tips and Project Rating and Sequencing

Starter Code with Tasks (Core & Extension)

Core Tasks:  Create a Scratch Animation that will serve as an introduction for your future Scratch Projects and contains:

  1. Project overview
  2. Team introduction
  3. Explanation of how your introductory animation works with an algorithm and code comments

Extension Tasks: Utilise the following animation techniques:

    • Shrink/Grow
    • Change colour
    • segment transitions using backdrops, effects or sprite clicks etc
    • multiple costumes for the same sprite

Resources, Exemplars & Video Tutorials:

1. Online (MIT Server) Examplars: 

2. Scratch Offline Editor Exemplars: (i.e. run on your PC not via internet)

Core Exemplar: Animation- Project Introduction (Core Only).sb2

Extension Exemplar: Animation- Project Introduction (Core Only).sb2

3. Video Tutorials for this task: