Scratch Coding + Scratch-Link WiInterface Game Controller

4. Scratch Projects (Examples & Tutorials)

4.4. Merge Scratch Projects

Complete Project by Merging Animations

Make a Plan

I would like to bring everything together into the one big animation project and I'd like to use the extended versions of my projects.  So my animation would have the following:

  • Project Introduction animation (extended)
  • Pong Algorithm animation
  • Pong game animation
  • Transitions between the animations requiring user keyboard input

The three animations are already done but I need a plan for:

  1. Merging all the code from the three separate animations: sprites and their code can be saved to a file and then imported into another animation so this will allow me to merge all the sprites and code into one animation.
  2. Triggering the transitions between animation segments:  I plan to change the backdrops of the beginning and ends of the 3 animations and use the Event "When backdrop changes to?" to start the next animation (group of sprites)

Merge all Sprites and Code

Merge the smaller programs (Scratch Animation) into the larger one.  So, I will merge the Pong Game Animation Sprites and Backdrop into the Project Introduction Animation as that has 5 Sprites while the Pong Game only has two, so this saves work.  Make separate folders and save all your Sprites and Backdrops from each animation.  The video below shows how.

Create Transitions and Create Single Merged Animation (core)

Video Tutorial:

In this example we are going to signal the Pong Game to start i.e. transition from one animation section to the next by signalling using the changing of Backdrops. This video explains how?

Exemplar (Example Finished Animation):

Combined Animation of Intro and Pong (offline)

Combined Animation of Intro and Pong (online)

Extended Merged Animation- Intro(Ext) + Algorithm + Pong Game (Ext)

If you have been doing the Extension projects then we can now merge all three i.e. extension introduction, pong algorithm and the extension pong game.  

This task requires good planning, custom naming/saving and ordering of files to avoid confusion.  Consider the following when planning this task:

  • Save all the sprites and backdrops from the Pong algorithm animation and the extension pong game with appropriate names and in folders so that you don't get mixed up
  • Start with the first animation segment i.e. open up the Extension Intro to Project Animation and then import the Pong Algorithm Sprites and Backdrop and then lastly, the Extension Pong Game Sprites and Backdrop- this will put all your Sprites in order of the Animation sequence i.e. Intro - Algorithm - Pong Game.
  • Use something to transition or signal between animation segments (backdrops used here)
  • Find the final thing to happen i.e. sprite to place the transition signal (change backdrops block)
  • Sprites from the first two animation segments will need to be hidden after they have finished otherwise they will continue to show in the next animation segment so use the hide block

Exemplar (Example Finished Animation):

Extension- Combined Intro+Algorithm+Pong Animation (offline)

Extension- Combined Intro+Algorithm+Pong Animation (online)

Video Tutorial: