Scratch Coding + Scratch-Link WiInterface Game Controller

3. Scratch2 (MIT) Coding

3.2. Online Help Resources

You will need a Scratch Online account for some of the help resources but not all.

The Scratch Team have provided some printable pdf resources being the Getting Started Guide and a series of Scratch Cards, plus the following introduction to Scratch Video.

ScratchEd is an online community for Scratch Educators. Scratch Wiki contains a Scratch Reference Manual and other useful resources.  The main Scratch site also has a discussion forum.  However these are probably not necessary for educators to start delivering introductory Scratch Coding but are quite useful for complex or unusual projects.

It can be useful to get some ideas from other online Scratch users by exploring online projects or utilising Scratch Studio which s a collection of tutorials contributed by users.  Please take note that while other user's online user projects and tutorials can sometimes be useful they are sometimes of limited usefulness and quality for classroom use.