3D Printing & Modeling + Ed3DP

3. 3D Modelling- TinkerCAD

3.3. TinkerCAD Intro

Resources for Learning TinkerCAD:

If you are completely new to 3D modelling then allocate about 5 to 10 hours to become reasonably proficient with create models in TinkerCAD.  If you have experience with design or modelling then you'll be creating immediately and probably don't need to do the tutorials.

There is a TinkerCAD Youtube Channel with "Tinker Tips" and general TinkerCAD videos.

The following is a good introduction to TinkerCAD:

Learning to change your position of view is probably the most important skill which involves, panning, zooming and rotating.  Its highly recommended that you use a mouse as touchpads are very difficult for beginners.