3D Printing & Modeling + Ed3DP

1. Educator 3DP Manual

1.2. Software and Drivers

Educator 3DP can be completely controlled from the touch screen and you do not need a computer to control the printer or print files.  You will need a computer to create the 3D model file and then to "Slice" (convert to GCode) ready for the 3D Educator and this is covered in further chapters.

Files for 3D printing can be either sent via memory card (either SD card or USB flash drive) via the right hand side of the touch screen.  The printer can also be networked.  

It is also possible to use any 3D printer console software like Pronterface for Windows or MAC in which case you will need to install smoothie windows usb driver unless you have windows 10.  This allows you to control Educator 3DP from a computer using GCode commands.  Please check that the driver is installed and COM port number via "Control Panel" and "Device Manager" (see video below)

Educator 3DP is built around a Smoothieboard and for more advanced information please refer to the Smoothieboard Documentation.