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1. Educator 3DP Manual

1.1. Educator 3DP Overview

Educator 3DP Overview

Educator 3DP Design Features:

• Tough and Robust – suitable for inexperienced and constant student use. Full aluminium structural frame. Industrial strength fully supported “rolling bed” design.

• Safe - emergency stop and optional hinged polycarbonate front protective screens.

• Large Colour Touch Screen – no computer required for control.

• Automatic Filament Out Sensor Option – Automatically pauses printing at the end of the filament roll.

• Single all metal extruder with large heated Aluminium Print Bed - 200mm x 200mm

• Pro Upgrade Option: Dual all metal extruders and ultra large heated bed 300mm x 300mm

• High Temperature Stainless Steel Thermocouple Extruder and Nozzle with silcone heat insulator- suitable for specialist polymers up to 300 degrees Celsius

• Auto-Levelling Bed Compensation Sensor – you do not level this bed manually with screws or nuts by hand- rather the bed is probed to determine its "level" and the print adjusted. This means fast reliable prints with no lifting and warping and no filament wastage with rafts.

• Four Roll Filament Holder – print from any of the four filament roll positions without moving spools.

• Network Capable - comes with LAN support - allows networking and browser based applications at all stages of the design and printing process. You can network the Educator 3DP like any photocopier and send your files from anywhere on the school network.

• Multiple File options: SD Card - USB Memory Stick – Network (LAN) or optional Wifi

• Easy Access Maintenance - nothing to remove to clean up extruder drive cog - just a 30 second job that 8 year old students could easily do properly and safely.

• Inexpensive Consumables and Replacements – Takes standard 1.75mm 1kg filament rolls which are about $20/Kg (which compares to over $125/Kg for cartridge type filament printers).

• Locally Designed and Manufactured – Using open sourced 3D printer hardware with custom design for harsh classroom use.

• Full Training and Support Available – Online training resources, support forum, technical workshop support etc.