3D Printing & Modeling + Ed3DP

1. Educator 3DP Manual

1.4. Interfacing Options

The main Smoothie control board is inside the 3D printer and has a USB port, Ethernet Jack and micro SD slot and is accessible from the rear of the printer.   The SD in the rear of the printer is for the Smoothie firmware and should not be removed- you don NOT use this SD card for file transfer.  By default, Educator 3DP comes with a colour touch TFT screen at the front that has both a SD card slot and a USB port which can be selected in the "Set" menu then "File Sys".

Do Not plug in the RJ45 ethernet cable to the printer unless you want to use this interface method as it will disable all the other methods i.e. you will not have control via the touch screen.

Educator 3DP can be controlled via:

  1. Touch Screen (Default)
  2. Computer and USB cable
  3. LAN RJ45 Jack.  You can only have one in control at the same time.

If you want to many put GCode files for printing into the 3D Printer via either the USB/SD ports on the Touch Screen then everything is already done by default- just set either SD or USB.  Network or Computer interfacing to Educator requires extra setup detailed in following chapters.