3D Printing & Modeling + Ed3DP

3. 3D Modelling- TinkerCAD

3.4. Embedding Models

It is highly prefered that you "embed" your TinkerCAD models into webpages and digital portfolio so that an interactive model appears in your page not just a static hotlink or image etc.  An embedded model is above.

To embed TinerCAD models:

  1. Make you TinkerCAD model "public"
  2. use the global search box (top right) of TinkerCAD and find your username
  3. Click on the required model and down the bottom you will see an "embed code" box which you click on and then copy the "iframe" code
  4. paste the "iframe" code into this window using the advanced editing tools (top LHS button) and the html tool "<>"
  5. Your TinkerCad model should now be embedded as a 3D viewable and interactive mode