3D Printing & Modeling + Ed3DP

1. Educator 3DP Manual

1.3. Firmware Updates

The Educator 3DP has a Smoothieware CNC control board system which is configured for our printer.  This firmware and configuration will need updating periodically.   The touch screen also has its own firmware and config files.

Current Firmware & Config Version: 21st July 2017

Update Smoothie Mainboard Firmware & Config:  

  • The smoothie board is inside at the rear of the printer and the sd card slot is just accessible (you may need pointy nose plyers)
  • There are two ways to write files to the SD card of the Educator's smoothie mainboard:

  1. remove the micro SD card and put it into a card reader or adapter for your PC
  2. use a usb cable to the mainboard (not the touch screen) and the SD card comes up as a removeable media but you may need to instal the smoothie board USB driver (windows 10 works straight up)

  • Ensure the integrity of your SD card- delete files and perhaps format?
  • Download the latest firmware.bin (right click "save as") and write to the SD card of the mainboard (note: when the smoothieboard reboots "firmware.bin" will become "firmware.cur")
  • Download the latest config.txt (right click "save as") and write to the SD card of the mainboard
  • Replace the SD card or disconnect the computer
  • Power off and reboot Educator 3DP (never reboot printer with usb cable connected to computer or the SD could be corrupted)

Update Touch Screen Firmware & Config:

  • turn all power off to the printer
  • the following files need to be placed on either an SD Card or USB flash memory stick (depending on which one you have set as your media type in the file menu of the touch screen
  • Touch Screen Firmware
  • Touch Screen Config
  • place the media with the above files into the touch screen media port (sd or usb)
  • power on the printer (you should see it displaying update message)
  • remove media when done and the files have been transferred to the onboard memory of the touch screen