3D Printing & Modeling + Ed3DP

3. 3D Modelling- TinkerCAD

3.9. Example Unit

Introduction to 3D Modelling & 3D Printing using TinkerCAD

Level: Introductory level appropriate for Middle Primary and Up- no prior skills required

Time: approx 10 to 15 hours (example 2 or 3 hours per week for 5 weeks)

Resources: TinkerCAD accounts, computers with internet access running browsers with webGL (Chrome or IE 11 or above)

Assessment options: Students could screen shot evidence of completed models into a word assignment or a portfolio etc

Unit Tasks (10-15 hrs):

1. TinkerCAD Basics (2-4 hours):

2. Design Task: Name Tag (2-4 hours)

3. Design Task: Personalised Ring (2-4 hours)

  • When printed the ring must properly fit your chosen finger (measure your finger diameter and add 2mm- this is the ring inner dia)
  • Ring should be "chunky" (use a wall thickness of 3mm) but comfortable to wear
  • Your initials or symbol on the ring
  • Use primitive shapes not the ring tool
  • no "overhangs" greater than 40 degrees (i.e. unsupported print areas)
  • This TinkerCAD tutorial may be useful
  •  TinkerCAD Model of Simple Ring: