ScratchLink Commands

1. Introduction

ScratchLink Commands are conveyed to a ScratchLink Microcontroller in data packets via serial, Bluetooth or Wifi.  Once received, these ScratchLink commands cause the ScratchLink Firmware (program) on the ScratchLink Microcontroller to do the tasks commanded.  

Commands can tell ScratchLink Controller to send data back or control peripherals like LEDs or motors etc.

ScratchLink Firmware on the ScratchLink Controller remembers configurations after it is turned off by storing in the on board memory.  It can also remember lots of data collected from sensors until you send a command to send it up to the App i.e. Scratch etc.

There is always a live "link" between the ScratchLink Device and ScratchLink Coding Apps.  The ScratchLink system does not "compile" code that is stored on the Microcontroller but rather just runs in your Browser or AppInventor Android Phone App.

Command Syntax Overview

Terminated String:

All ScratchLink Commands sent to the ScratchLink Controller are a terminated string i.e. they have ";" at the end.  For Example:

led color red;