Laser CNC Engraving and Cutting + EdLaser

3. CAD CAM Overview

The recommended PC control software for Ed Laser is LaserWeb and is discussed in the next chapter with other options to suit your current work-flow discussed below.

Designing and making using 3D Printers and Laser CNC machines etc is traditionally known as CAD-CAM, Computer Aided Design-Computer Aided Manufacturing.  

The CAD/CAM process involves two main steps with many software options:

Create design artwork (CAD) eg AutoCAD, VCarve Pro, Inkscape, Sketchup,  etc

Generate GCode (CAM) for the Laser CNC machine eg LaserWebVCarve ProInkscape with plugins etc.

Note that some programs do both CAD and CAM such VCarve ProFusion 360 (currently not allowed by DET as it is cloud) and even Inkscape with plugins

There are a myriad of other CAD CAM software options that can be used with the Smoothieware control system (Ed Laser controller)