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Scratch Coding + Scratch-Link WiInterface Game Controller

1. Introduction

This e-book is aimed at helping Teachers, Librarians, Parents and self-learners by providing learning and support resources for:

You will be able to:

  • Setup ScratchLink
  • Learn Scratch
  • Teach Scratch and utilise the many teacher resources either as class lessons or after school clubs or library engagement sessions
  • Utilise Units of work for Coding and Robotics based on Scratch and Scratch-LInk
  • Sequence, scaffold and differentiate your coding units with our resources rated for Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced with both Core and Extension level exemplars provided for every project

Do I need to buy Scratch-Link to get started?  No, the Scratch only units do not require any extra hardware.  Get started and move into physical computing and robotics with Scratch-Link etc later.