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STEM Mechanics (Catapult, Mouse Trap Racer, Bridge Building etc)

4. Mouse Trap Racer

This Mouse Trap Racer Classroom STEM educational kit is appropriate for Upper Primary and Secondary School. This kit includes:
- 9 Complete Mousetrap Racers
- 12 Various Length Dowel Spring Arms
- 7 Seperate Scientific Investigations
- Minimal Setup Time between Experiments

- Full Exemplars, Instructions and Student Worksheets including excel data files and graphs

The Curriculum relevance is primarily Mechanics (study of Forces) and Working Scientifically.  These student investigations are also relevant to the Technology and Mathematics Curricula.  Full exemplars, worksheets and online support materials are provided for the following investigations:
-Effect of Spring Arm Length on Displacement
-Effect of Wheel Diameter on Displacement
-Optimal Vehicle Mechanical Advantage (Pooled Data)
-Effect of Wheel Friction on Displacement
- Influence of Vehicle Mass on Displacement
-Influence of Chassis Design on Displacement

Our Mousetrap Racer Kit provides hands on problem based learning for Upper Primary to Middle School learners on the Physics of Mousetrap Racers through Scientific Investigations. The video above shows the benefits of our kit for both educators and learners. If you have bought the self assembly kit then you will need the Mousetrap Racer Kit Construction Guide.

The Mousetrap Racer Kit Overview explains how to get started and has one exemplar Scientific Investigation - it's a classroom teaching aid ready for class data projector presentation (powerpoint presentation in pdf format). The full set of Scientific Investigation Exemplars combine with the provided Excel data and graphs and Mousetrap Racer Calculations to scaffold the learning experience and aid teachers. Mousetrap Racer student worksheets for Investigations are kept to a single A4 sheet to aid copying. Conventional Mousetrap Racer Experiments or Text Book experiment are easily modified to work with our kit.

An introductory experiment: record and graph displacement and time and then calculate average velocity for each mousetrap racer.  Students could evaluate which racer has the greatest displacement and highest average velocity and relate that to racer design.

If you have bought our Mousetrap Kit and require further support or are considering purchasing and would like more information then please contact us.