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STEM Mechanics (Catapult, Mouse Trap Racer, Bridge Building etc)

2. Bridge Engineering Design

This Bridge Engineering Design Classroom ready STEM educational kit is appropriate for Upper Primary and Secondary School to conduct hands on problem based learning by designing, building, testing, evaluating and redesigning their own truss bridges. The below video highlights the many benefits for educators and learners alike. The Bridge Kit Contents has three separate construction systems for quick bridge construction and analysis including vinyl templates etc.

The Bridge Building Kit Overview has instructions and exemplars and its a great place to get started. We have also provided the Excel data files to supplement the Scientific Investigation exemplars. Bridge Kit Student Worksheets are also available.


This Bridge Kit includes:
- 24 X 3D Printed Drinking Straw Truss Joints
- 24 X 3D Printed Paddle Pop Stick Truss Joints
- Truss Templates; Cambelback, Warren, Parket, Arch, Waddel A, Pratt, Pratt (4/8/12 Joints)
- 200 box of plastic drinking straws
- 200 box of paddle pop sticks
box of 20, 4 Gauge, 1/2 Inch Self Tappers
- 4 X Phillips Screwdrivers
- 1 X Side Cutter
- 2 X Tasmanian Oak X 40cm Lengths
- 20mm x 12mm
- 12mm x 12mm
- 9mm x 9mm
- 6mm x 6mm‚Äč