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Robotics-Mobile Robots (eBot, mBot)

mBot Software Setup

Please dowload the latest version (only our eBot needs V3.2.2) of mBlock and Apps from:

mBot Software Downloads Page

Software Overview: 

mBlock Scratch runs on Mac and PC- based on Scratch offline 2- create Scratch animations and also program mBot for challenges- this program must be used to upload firmware onto mBot even if smart device Apps are being used.  Prepare mBot by uploading "firmware" uisng mBlock Scratch which is a special program that operates on mBot and allows communication with other programs that could be mBlock Scratch or one of the Apps for IOS or Android.  All software for mBot is available from the mBot Software Downloads Page.  

Consider which Apps you need to use:  Smart Device Apps run on Android or IOS:

  • mBot App- remote control of mBots
  • Makeblock HD App-  customised remote control interface and sensor readings of mBot
  • mBlockly App simple programming of mBot
  • Makeblock App- full function programming of mBot and customised remote control interface & sensor readings

Create custom remote control interface with Makeblock APP.

Read mBot sensors with Makeblock APP for Ipad and Android.

Simple Coding with Makeblock App (Blockly)- Obstacle Avoidance Example.


Simple Coding with Makeblock App (Blockly)- Stay in the Ring.